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Workplace Comments

Join company conversations by posting comments on Workplace, or leave your feedback to let anyone in your company know what's on your mind.

Have your say in company conversations with Workplace Comments

Whether you’re making a big company announcement, or just posting the latest project updates, Workplace makes it easy to communicate and collaborate with your colleagues in a secure and shared space. You can post comments in groups or share them directly to your own profile, along with photos, polls and file attachments. Whatever you decide to post, Workplace Comments let you have your say on the topics that count.

Inspire more employee engagement with Workplace Comments

Anyone can just click the ‘like’ button - but it’s interaction among colleagues that really matters when it comes to company discussions.

Workplace Comments offer a more convenient way of having a two-way dialogue with your workmates than sending ordinary emails. And real conversations can boost your organization’s engagement levels while making everybody feel like their input is valued.

According to the 2022 Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study, companies saw 32% more ideas shared to improve products, services and processes thanks to features like Workplace Comments.

Workplace Comments FAQs

Go to the comment you want to delete, then click ‘Delete’ and ‘Delete’ again for the second time to confirm. If you delete a comment or post, you can’t undo it or restore the comment. To edit a comment you posted, go to the comment you want to edit, click on the ellipsis next to it, and select ‘Edit’. Make your changes and click ‘Enter’. Anyone who can see your comment can click ‘Edited’ to view the comment’s history.

You can attach a file, depending on your organization’s file upload settings. To add your file to a comment, click on the paperclip icon at the right of the comments section of a post, then select a file and press ‘Enter’. Your files must be smaller than 100MB.

You can hide comments that you don’t want to see, which will disappear for you but will still be visible to others. To hide a comment, click on the ellipsis next to the comment and click ‘Hide’ comment. You can delete comments in the same way if you’re a group admin or moderator and the comments are on posts within the groups you manage. FInd out more in the Help Center.

"Students can easily like, comment, and share their ideas and opinions in a familiar forum that serves as a virtual community with easy access to our instructors."

Douglas Greene

CEO and Founder, KRE8ivU

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